Tennessee Renaissance Festival Policies
"Rules of the Realm"
For All Patrons and Festival Participants

The Tennessee Renaissance Festival has as its goal to entertain and educate its guests in the rich history and culture of the Renaissance Age. In so doing, all TRF staff members endeavor to host our family and intergenerational guests in a welcoming and safe environment, appropriate for all ages.

The Tennessee Renaissance Festival seeks to protect the safety of its guest and festival participants. Entrance into the festival is a license to enter the Tennessee Renaissance Festival and is revocable at the sole discretion of the management. All persons are subject to a search of their person and or personal belongings for safety. Decisions of the festival management are final.

First Aid and Information:

  • First Aid is available on the festival and castle grounds. Please see the festival map for the location of the First Aid area on the festival grounds (near the Crosswinds Stage). The is also a First Aid station on the castle grounds, located nearby the castle.

  • Information or assistance can be obtained at the T-shirt/information booth (the first booth as you enter the festival or in the center of the festival). Communication radios are located at the First Aid area, the children's area, and bus tour area. The Special Deputies, Parking Attendants, and our staff also have radios for communication.

  • The Festival Lost & Found is located at our T-shirt/Information booth (first booth as you enter the festival) or by calling our office at (615) 395-9950, Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm.


  • Outside food or drinks must be finished before entry into the festival

  • Climbing is not permitted on tables, railings, rocks, or stage areas

  • Baby Strollers, large bags, tote bags, purses, cameras and camera bags, cloaks, capes, coats, blankets, fanny packs, and backpacks may be subject to inspection

  • Our ticket sales area can accept: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or cash

  • There are no ATMs available at the Festival, however "cash back" service is offered at the Will Call Window at the ticket sales area (with a $5 convenience / processing fee)

  • Most souvenir and craft vendors accept Visa or MasterCard

  • Firearms, working or replicas, are not permitted on the festival grounds, castle grounds, or parking areas. Possession of firearms on the festival or castle grounds will result in prosecution

  • Patrons - including children - bringing or buying swords/daggers (costume or real) at the festival must have the weapon sheathed and peace-tied with cable ties at all times, for safety reasons. Please have your sword peace-tied with a cable tie for inspection when you arrive at the festival entrance. Our security personnel will inspect and can assist you with materials if needed.

  • If a bow and arrow are part of your costume the arrow tips must be removed and the bow peace-tied

  • Pole arms or staffs with metal tips are not allowed

  • The Festival management reserves the right to refuse any weapon that is deemed to be unsafe or that cannot be sheathed and peace-tied

  • Banners or flags cannot be displayed or used to parade at the Festival

Parents and Children:

  • Parents - it's a good idea to pin your name and a contact mobile phone number in your children's pockets or on their clothing, to help unite a lost parents with their children

  • Strollers are acceptable everywhere except on the castle tour bus, however stroller parking is available. Strollers with larger, more substantial wheels work best on our gravel paths

  • Children and adolescents should be supervised by parents at all times during the Festival, including our children's art and craft area.

  • Please check our Entertainment Schedule for show and performance ratings

  • Children's toy weapons (including wooden swords purchased at the Festival) must be peace-tied to their belts or clothing, as we are in peaceful times

  • As noted above, outside food or drinks must be finished before entry into the festival. However, baby formula or baby food appropriately marked is permissable inside the Festival

Parking Area Guidelines:

  • Pets are not allowed at the festival and cannot be left in vehicles

  • Parking is Free! Park at your own risk - the Festival is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Do not leave valuables locked in your car

  • Tail-gating, picnics, lounge chairs, tents or canopies are not allowed in the parking lot or on the Festival grounds

  • Handicap Parking is available - speak with a Parking Attendant upon entry for special parking instructions. Please have your special parking placard visible for the parking attendant

  • Follow all parking directions given by the parking staff. Rainy weather may make some areas off-limits

  • The parking areas are locked at 7pm

  • Do not park in or around where barriers and yellow caution tape are placed

  • Never walk in gravel roadways; please use the roped off paths and grass areas

  • Horseplay, playing ball, or throwing objects is not permitted in the parking area

  • No Picketing, solicitation, or handing out pamphlets or placing on vehicles

  • Transfer of Festival tickets or selling of Festival tickets is not allowed

  • Drugs, alcohol or firearms are not permitted in the parking area

  • Selling or advertising of any type products or services is not permitted in the parking area

  • Disorderly conduct or loud music is not permitted in the parking area

  • No irresponsible or dangerous driving or activity is permitted in the parking area

  • This is no overnight parking or camping - parking area gates are locked at 7pm

  • Pets are not allowed at the Festival and are never to be left in vehicles

  • Management reserves the right to eject person(s) from the parking area and to tow vehicles as necessary


  • Pets are not allowed at the festival, on the castle grounds, or within parking areas, and are never to be left in parked vehicles

  • Domestic Service Animals are welcome within most areas of the Festival with the exception of the Birds of Prey Show and Exhibit and the Camel Rides area. Check with the castle tour director for special guidelines if you wish to take the castle first floor and garden tour

  • Domestic Service Animals must be under the owner's control at all times and on a leash or harness no longer than 4 (four) feet

  • Owner must bring their own plastic bags for cleaning and disposing of Service Animal waste. Please dispose of waste in our trash receptacles

Note: Under Tennessee Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, title 44, chapter 20.


  • Please drink responsibly

  • You must be 21 or older to purchase alcohol

  • You must present your photo ID each time you purchase alcohol

  • You cannot purchase alcohol for another person unless they are present with photo ID at the time of purchase

  • No alcohol is permitted in the lines for castle tours or on the castle tour buses

  • No alcohol will be sold after 5:30pm or before noon on Sundays

  • Any non-compliance of our alcohol policies will result in ejection and/or arrest

Castle Tours:

  • Details of our Castle Tours can be found on the Tour Castle Gwynn page

  • Castle Tours happen on Festival days from 11am - 3pm, weather permitting. Castle tours may be cancelled due to inclement weather. No refunds or rain passes are issued due to inclement weather

  • You must have on the wristband of the day to take the castle tour

  • You must ride the castle tour bus to and from the castle

  • You must be in the castle tour line before 3pm to take the tour - at 3pm the tour gates are closed. We suggest you plan to tour early as there will be a shorter wait time

  • Plan ahead with proper walking footwear for our gravel nature trail - flip-flops and sandals are not advised

  • For special assistance, special needs or special requests please see the castle tour coordinator before lining up or loading onto the castle tour bus

Food, Drink, Ride, and Games Concessionaires:

  • No outside food, drink, coolers, glassware, camel packs, or bottles may be brought onto the Festival or castle grounds

  • Food allergy alert: peanuts, pecans, and almonds are included in our variety of Festival foods

  • Food, beverages, rides, and games require cash - credit/debit will not be accepted

  • Local and regional food concessionaires have prepared a variety of delicious foods and beverage for your enjoyment

  • Tail-gating or picnics are not allowed in our parking areas

  • For your safety, please follow all guidelines given by ride and game attendants

Cameras, Video, Audio, and Digital Equipment Usage:

  • Small personal cameras are permitted, but are subject to inspection. Photos may be taken for your personal use only

  • Video cameras and tripods are not permitted except for pre-approved media workers who have provided credentials. Media request will be reviewed and honored in advance, only

Note: All film, digital, and recording rights are reserved. Commercial film, digital, and sound recordings rights with respect to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, Castle Gwynn, entertainment, and performers and staff are reserved.

Commercial use of any photographs, digital images, audio, tape, or video recordings of Tennessee Renaissance Festival and Castle Gwynn, without the express written consent of Tennessee Renaissance Festival or Mike and Jackie Freeman is strictly prohibited. All materials contained on our website are protected by United States Copyright law and cannot be reproduced, sold, distributed, transmitted, manipulated, displayed, published, or broadcast without prior written permission


As noted above, Media that wishes to cover the Festival must make a request in advance of the planned attendance date. Please call our office at (615) 395-9950, Monday - Thursday, 9am - 4pm, or contact our Advertising / Marketing director through our contact page on our website. Pre-approved media must have their media creditentials visual during their visit to the festival.

Costumes and Clothing:

The Tennessee Renaissance Festival requires that all patrons (guest) and festival participants make appropriate clothing and costume choices for our family-oriented venue.

  • Blouses, tops, or shirts are required. Bare-chested or shirtless patrons are not permitted

  • Bare feet are not permitted; shoes are required. We recommend walking shoes over flip-flops or sandals to accommodate our gravel paths

  • Swimsuits, thongs, loincloths, sheer or see through tops and or bottom garments, lingerie or sleep wear are unacceptable and not permitted

  • Bras, halter-tops, garmentless corsets, tube tops, or sports bras and belly dance bras require an outer garment or blouse covering them

  • Costumes with extreme low necklines or reveling cleavage are not acceptable at our Family Festival Event

  • Clothing with abusive or vulgar writing, photographs, or symbols are not permitted

We thank you for selecting costumes and clothing that are acceptable for a Family Venue Festival when you are considering your clothing and costume choices. Remember that we are in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee and in an environment similar to a state park. Dress and prepare appropriately for outdoor conditions: drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, use bug spray, stay on gravel paths and avoid poison ivy. Check the weather and plan accordingly.


We do our best to continue with all shows rain or shine, but sometimes to maintain the safety of performers, animal shows, castle tours, and musical instruments we may need to shorten, delay, alter, or close a specific part of the Festival. In very rare cases we may close early, open late, or not open at all due to extreme weather conditions. For your safety and the safety of our Festival participants we require that you follow the directions given by our staff, first aid staff, and special deputies if the need arises to close due to dangerous weather or other conditions. Thank you for your co-operation.

If you have questions, concerns, or require further information please contact the Freemans at (615) 395-9950.

We hope you enjoy your day and take away great memories of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival!

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