Blog Post 4: Activities, Entertainment & Events for 2023      

Activities, Entertainment & Events for 2023

Each year, The Tennessee Renaissance Festival (TNRF) seeks to provide a memorable experience by offering unique activities and experiences all ages can enjoy. 2023 promises to bring back some popular mainstays of the festival and some exciting new events.

Renn Fest 2022-116 - CopyFairy Training Camp is the perfect place for aspiring fairies, ages 5-10, to learn the magical secrets of what it takes to become a real fairy. Participants will visit multiple stations and earn badges by completing tasks like playing fairy checkers, wing dancing, fairy bubbles, and more. Camp concludes with each individual joining an elite fairy club.

Fairy Training Camp takes place every day of the festival at 11:30 a.m. in the Fairy Garden. Advance ticket sales are required for this event. Fairy Training Camp ticket cost is separate from the price of admission to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. (This event is sold out)

Loyal subjects of her Majesty are welcome for tea time with the Queen. Nobility is optional to visit with her royal highness and her court to share tea, pastries, tea sandwiches, and small deserts. Only a select few are admitted to her Majesty's private glen and garden, so RSVP early. This experience is perfect for all ages.Renn Fest 2022-150 - Copy

The Queen's Tea takes place on all festival days from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in the Queen's Tea Glen. Advance ticket sales are required for this event. (This event is sold out)

Renn Fest 2022-117 - CopyThe Fairy Habitat & Hobbit House Competition will match your architectural design talents with other fairy and hobbit homebuilders in the Fairy Garden on Saturday, May 13th, and Sunday, May 14th.

The competition is divided into two groups for children ages 4-14 and patrons ages 15 and older. Judging will begin each day at 3:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing what's in store for the Shire's newest housing additions. Advanced registration is not required, and entries may be dropped off upon arrival. For more information on reserving a spot, click here.

The Queen's Quest requires savvy detectives to go on a scavenger hunt and search the festival grounds for hidden shields bearing the symbols of her themed weekends. The quest entails spotting these crests and marking their location on your festival map. Return your completed map to the ticket booth and receive a royal reward!

New to TNRF are the Wizards of Dice Knight Adventures, the Faire-WideDiceKnights-vs.-Roll-1-(002) Role Playing Game! Tables are not necessary because these dice-based role-playing games involve festival patrons as the game pieces and the festival grounds as the game board. Independent games and quests can be purchased on-site. For more information, click here.

furnace-garb-work-(002)TNRF is also excited to add Dragon's Breath Glassworks to the event schedule. Observe the art of glass blowing techniques used to make various pieces while learning the history behind this ancient craft. Products and private classes will also be available for purchase on-site. For additional details, click here.  

There is so much to look forward to at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival this year. This list of events is only the beginning, so make sure and get an early start and let the festivities begin!