Blog Post 6: TNRF Artisans & Merchants                                                       

TNRF Artisans & Merchants

Walking through the streets of Covington Glen, with the sights and sounds of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival (TNRF) in full swing, is always a memorable moment. Acquiring uniquely crafted hand-made specialty items from the artisans and merchants set up throughout the village ensures those fun-filled memories will last a lifetime.

Patrons on a quest for colorful clothing from a bygone era will find costumes and apparel suitable for all ages. Garments made by our vendors offer quality and comfort rarely found anywhere else. Armor and weapons crafters are also easily located along the various roads of the festival grounds and offer a variety of realistic and authentic options.

The allure of the Renaissance era includes an extensive world of various art forms. Drawings, paintings, and brilliant displays of stained glass will be on hand; as well as, custom leatherworks, wooden sculptures, copper and bronze art, and creations using clay, bamboo, hemp, and more. Art in the form of one-of-a-kind rings, bracelets, necklaces, and body art will look great with any outfit and make excellent gift ideas. Having fun with face painting and fairy hairstyles is also a fun way to participate in the festival.

Musicians and merrymakers can peruse the custom-made stringed instruments and ocarinas for sale. Aspiring wizards have a full menu of staffs, wands, and other accessories to choose from. And, for those willing to step into the mystic; psychic, tarot, and palm readings are also available.

This year’s TNRF presents a wide selection of craft items and one-of-a-kind experiences from various artists and merchants throughout the country. To preview a full list of all participating vendors visit the Artisans and Merchants page of our website by clicking here. Please note, most vendors do not accept debit/credit cards. Bringing cash on-site is advised; and this year, an ATM will be available on the festival grounds. We look forward to seeing you in just a few short weeks at the 37th Annual Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Huzzah!

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