Blog Post #7: TNRF Entertainers                                                                                            

As the Tennessee Renaissance Festival (TNRF) gates open to the queen’s welcome, until the Festival of Song, concludes the day, patrons are entertained by a variety of musicians, minstrels, jugglers, jesters, pirates and magicians. Prepare to experience swashbuckling, sword swallowing, magic, and more like never before. Our Entertainment Schedule offers an assortment of comedic and musical performances; combat reenactments; demonstrations; royal court interactions and much more!

New to this year’s TNRF are Dragon’s Breath Glassworks’ incredible glassblowing demonstrations; Tom Timon performing his unique blend of magic tricks, sword swallowing, and humor; and The Lords of the Edge playing a unique, high-stakes version of chess involving human combatants.

Patrons of all ages will enjoy visiting the Pirate’s Stage to see Buckle & Swash as they hilariously tell funny pirate stories while sword fighting. Also on display are the comedic adventures of Robin Hood and Maid Marion as audience members are called upon to help reenact how it all went down with the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Bazaar Stage hosts more musical and theatrical acts, including The Bardbarians and DaVinci Brothers.

Bounce over to the Hammerbeam Inn, where the beat of the bodhrán accompanies the lovely Celtic music of Empty Hats, Rafferty the Piper Celtamericana, and The Secret Commonwealth. Demetrius and Darin of Empty Hats and Giacomo, of the same group, feature their separate segments of musical ballads that everyone is sure to enjoy.

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Various spectacular acts perform at the Trader’s Gate, Highland Manor, and Crosswind stages. Listen to the bawdy songs of Axel the Sot, and watch in awe while laughing at the mad skills of Paolo Garbanzo as he demonstrates the art of juggling dangerous items. Isaac Fawlkes will make things vanish while conjuring comedy for everyone attending his magic show, and the Fae Folx fairies bring their special brand of fairy inspired song and dance to life on the stage. And for the first three weekends of the festival, Lady Ettie presents her unique views on the fashion and etiquette of the Renaissance era that are downright hysterical.

On the Tournament Field, knights and warriors of the realm test their bravery and vie for the queen’s attention during the Royal Joust. Watch Knightwings’ Birds of Prey demonstrate their skill and precision as these winged warbirds attack on command. And Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, hosts a knighting ceremony each festival day for the brave and true of heart.

The entertainment at this year’s TNRF is diverse and abundant! See our festival map for the exact location of performances. Many of the shows run simultaneously throughout the day, giving patrons a variety of acts to consider. Our daily schedule of events provides a handy reference to the different entertainers, their locations, and start times. Be sure to plan your day accordingly to soak in as much merriment and fun as you can. Huzzah!