Blog Post #8: TNRF Facility Upgrades                                                           

TNRF Facility Upgrades

The sights and sounds at this year’s Tennessee Renaissance Festival (TNRF) promise to be better than ever, with updated structures, new attractions, and more accessibility. Our efforts are ongoing as we strive to maximize the enjoyment of all visitors to the festival grounds.

Parks Maintenance crews have been working on the grounds since the end of last year’s festival. The first order of business was widening the paths and improving their accessibility with a seal treatment that won’t wash away after a hard rain. In addition to creating better walking trails, drainage has been improved throughout the festival grounds to keep the activity areas enjoyable.

The festival layout has also been redesigned for more straightforward navigation to merchants and entertainment areas. Newly minted street signs in the true Renaissance tradition are more visible, flowing accurately with the program map. Fresh landscaping throughout the park adds a vibrant display of colors and authenticity, with a clean pond and flowing fountain bringing new life to the area.

Popular, long-time structures of the festival, including stages and seating areas, have been spruced up, where needed, to restore their beauty, increase safety, and ensure longevity. Expanded picnic areas have been added as well to make finding a seat during the lunch rush more convenient.

Walking through the covered bridge, now called Dragon’s Walk, onto the streets of Covington Glen, a revised world of art, beauty, and fun awaits. Both subtle and more pronounced enhancements combine to maximize the enjoyment of everyone in attendance. We’re excited to welcome you to this year’s TNRF. Music and merriment begins in just one week…Huzzah!

dragons walk - CopyTNRF Grounds Update 04_21_23-07 - CopyPirates Plank Highland Games Gap Signs - CopyTNRF Grounds Update 04_21_23-04 - CopyHammerbeam Inn - Copy

dragon sculpture - Copy TNRF Grounds Update 04_21_23-06 - Copy Pavillion - Copy Castle Park Garden Bench - Copy pirates-stage-modified - Copy