Blog Post #10: TNRF Special Events                                                                                                 

TNRF Special Events

The 37th Annual Tennessee Renaissance Festival (TNRF) is underway! With all the festivities in full swing, we wanted to bring you an inside look into our two on-site Special Events, Fairy Training and Queen’s Tea, and all the fun these fantastic events have to offer.  We are so appreciative of how individuals have embraced these additions to the festival; and we look forward to offering them every festival day.

One of the most adorable events at TNRF is Fairy Training, which takes place at 11:30 a.m. in the Fairy Garden. Featuring a variety of activities, children ages 5-10 enjoy earning fairy badges upon completing laughter-inducing tasks such as Fairy Checkers, Fairy Bubbles, Fairy Dancing, and Fairy Tag. Cuteness is never in short supply at this very fairy affair.  Fairy Training is new to TNRF this year, and we could not be more pleased with the event's popularity. 

The star of TNRF, Queen Elizabeth, stays busy with the festival's most important tasks, so having the chance to spend some personal time with her majesty has made the Queen's Tea one of TNRF's most popular attractions. Enjoy a selection of teas while dining on various tasty snacks as the queen shares her wealth of knowledge about tea varieties and customs from around the world. This quaint gathering also features an elite entertainment assembly, including a selection of talented entertainers whom provide a private performance for her majesty and her guests. Queen's Tea is held at 3:30 p.m. in the Queen’s Garden Glen, and the popular event is looked forward to by many.

TNRF is off to a great start, and we are so excited to welcome all patrons, those attending the festival for the first time and those who are returning, to the village of Covington Glen. There's a lot of fun remaining and much more to report on, so stay tuned for the next post; and we'll see you at the festival! Huzzah!

Fairy Training Queens Tea Collage - Copy (2)