Blog Post #11: Visit Castle Gwynn Grounds                                                       

Visit Castle Gwynn Grounds

Visiting the Tennessee Renaissance Festival (TNRF) is full of fun and excitement thanks to the excellent entertainment, merchants, and activities planned throughout the event. With so much to offer, a full day is in order; and a visit to the Castle Gwynn Grounds is a must-see on your “To Do” list.

Taking a relaxing trip over to the Castle Gwynn Grounds is a great way to give your feet a rest and see a full-scale castle built using materials and construction methods from hundreds of years ago. Visiting Castle Gwynn is easy and requires no reservation. Simply head over to the white tents located at the southeast side of the festival grounds (see festival map here ). Every festival day from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., buses are available to shuttle patrons to the castle grounds, weather permitting. For those with accessible needs, private vehicles are allowed to follow the buses onto the castle property. To coordinate using your personal vehicle, please speak to a TNRF representative at the bus tent first.

Approaching the castle grounds transforms visitors back in time as the wooded, narrow drive suddenly widens, revealing the majestic structure blossoming into the sky. Gorgeous landscaping surrounds the impressive architecture and welcomes visitors as they explore and enjoy the grounds.

The grounds tour begins with Mike Freeman, castle proprietor and festival founder, giving a brief overview of Castle Gwynn’s history and details about the beginnings of TNRF in a quaint setting under a canopy of trees.  Entering the castle’s carport, an in-depth video presentation offers an interior tour of the castle, which features many items made during the renaissance period. Visitors can also enjoy walking up the castle steps in between the large turrets and the rear balcony. Exploring the castle grounds reveals unique sculptures and artwork and allows for a greater appreciation of so much created from one man’s vision.

As one of the few renaissance festivals to have an authentic castle as part of the event; we are so thankful to the Freeman family for their contributions, partnership and support in producing TNRF. With just two weekends let, we look forward to seeing you soon at the Castle Gwynn Grounds and the Village of Covington Glen. Huzzah!

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