Blog Post #12: TNRF Final Weekend                                                    

TNRF Post #12: Final Weekend

We are two-thirds through the 37th Annual Tennessee Renaissance Festival (TNRF). The first 6 days have featured a variety of sights, sounds, activities and experiences for thousands of patrons. As we embark upon the final weekend and the last 3 days of this year’s event; there is still an abundance of festival fun to be had. The artisans, merchants, and entertainers of Covington Glen are ready to welcome you; so grab your garb, your walking shoes, and start planning your trip today!

After last weekend’s inclement weather conditions lead to a shortage of parking options and increased daily attendance on Sunday, a decision was made to alter ticket sales for this coming weekend. Online and on-site ticket options are still available; but quantities are limited. Purchasing your tickets in advance is advised; and gives you the best general admission price.

When heading to the festival be advised; TNRF is held in a rural area, and traffic delays can occur. Parking gates open at 8 a.m., and ticket scanning begins at 8:30 a.m. While waiting for the festival gates to open, festival enthusiasts can mix and mingle in the commons area and enjoy a small glimpse of the entertainment options available inside on the pop-up stage. Peak traffic times are expected between 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Please follow all prompts from Sherriff’s Deputies and parking attendants. Our crew will work to get vehicles parked as quickly and safely as possible.

Upon entering the festival grounds, the queen, her royal court, and an assembly of characters and entertainers await offering a warm welcome and willingness to pose for photos. Walking along the paths of the merry village of Covington Glen is a unique and immersive experience, with fellow festival-goers clad in full costume making patrons, purveyors, and entertainers indistinguishable from one another. Once inside; games, shows, and shops blend together throughout the grounds with remarkable continuity, keeping your journey around the festival fresh with options to peruse, admire, play and enjoy.

As TNRF heads into its final weekend, we look forward to seeing you! For more information on the festival, visit our website.

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