Visit Outside Castle Gwynn Grounds

Visits to outside Castle Gwynn Grounds are offered every festival day. 

Information On Visiting Outside Castle Gwynn Grounds

  • Outside Castle Visits from 11AM - 3PM (Weather Permitting).
  • TNRF wristband of the day is required for the outside Castle Visit.
  • Avoid long lines and plan your Outdoor Castle visit early in the day. 
  • Bus rides to the Castle Gwynn Grounds are coordinated from the festival grounds.
  • For safety reasons: strollers, wagons, and scooters are not allowed on the buses.
  • Stroller, wagon, and scooter parking is available in the bus loading area. 
  • Water can be purchased in the bus loading area with cash only.
  • Porta-lets are available at the bus loading areas on the Festival and Castle grounds. 
  • Castle Souvenir Shop has Coca-Cola products available for cash only.
  • First Aid is available on the Castle grounds.

Click here for more information on the amazing Castle Gwynn, the grounds, and a brief history of the property's development. (PDF File)

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